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  • Jul 08, 2014

    …Born out of mobile game-marketing startup AppLift, PubNative today announced the launch of its company…

    PubNative launches its attempt to one-up the native-ad template venture_beat
  • Apr 11, 2014

    A fox is nimble, smart, fast and likable,” said Oliver Kanders, head of marketing for HitFox. “We highly identify with the animal.

    What does the fox say (about startups)? sfgate
  • Apr 03, 2014

    HitFox Group is driving deeper into mobile monetization with the acquisition of mobile targeting platform Datamonk and a $1.3 million investment in mobile user acquisition platform Apploop.

    HitFox expands its reach into mobile monetization in deals with Datamonk and Apploop venture_beat
  • Apr 03, 2014

    And it’s true. You don’t get to €15 million in profit, growing a company to more than 200 employees, without working hard even if you play hard, too.

    German Incubator HitFox Moves Nimbly To Acquire Datamonk And Invest €1M In Apploop tech_crunch
  • Apr 03, 2014

    … growth is the order of the day, with the HitFox Group planning to co-found or acquire up to four more companies this year.

    HitFox Targets Mobile Advertising with Datamonk and apploop Deals silicon-allee
  • Jun 12, 2013

    Er ist 30 und hat fünf Start-ups gegründet. Mit dem Spielevermarkter Hitfox baut sich Jan Beckers jetzt seinen eigenen Inkubator in Berlin.

    Hitfox-Gründer Jan Beckers – Der Mann im Hintergrund logo9
  • Jun 12, 2013

    The Berlin, Germany-based AppLift is not just a new product-company taking scaling capital, its publishing partners include the likes of King, Wooga, Kabam and Supercell.

    German Games Driver, AppLift, Scores $13 Million And Sets Sail For Asia logo4
  • Jun 03, 2013

    Ein Jahr nach dem Launch kooperiert App-Lift nach eigenen Angaben mit mehr als 80 Mobile Games Publishern wie King, Wooga und Kabam sowie mit mehr als 500 Medienpartnern wie RTL und Closer.

    Wachstumskapital für App-Lift, Uber-Metrics und Zoobe logo2
  • Jun 03, 2013

    AppLift, a German mobile games marketing platform created by HitFox Group, has raised $13 million in Series A funding from Prime Ventures.

    Venture capital deals logo6
  • Jun 02, 2013

    Der Spielevermarkter Applift, seit August vergangenen Jahres im Portfolio des jungen Inkubators Hitfox, fährt 13 Millionen US-Dollar von Prime Ventures ein.

    13 Millionen für Hitfox-Tochter Applift logo1
  • Jun 02, 2013

    Berlin-headquartered AppLift runs a mobile games marketing platform which helps games makers grow their user bases with “quality, loyal” gamers.

    AppLift lands $13m to develop its mobile games marketing platform and increase its global presence logo10
  • Jun 02, 2013

    Founded in 2012 by HitFox Group, Kaya Taner and Tim Koschella, AppLift attributes some of its speedy growth to synergies with other companies in HitFox’s portfolio.

    HitFox-Incubated Mobile Games Marketing Platform AppLift Raises $13M Series A logo3
  • May 05, 2013

    Zwei Jahre später ist das Berliner Unternehmen zum Company-Builder für Game-Distribution-Geschäftsmodelle mit Mitarbeitern in Europa, Südkorea und den USA gewachsen.

    HitFox: Berliner Spiele-Vertreiber wandelt sich zum Inkubator logo7
  • Apr 04, 2013

    Kaya Taner and Tim Koschella founded AppLift last August with help from HitFox on the promise of delivering quality game players at scale.

    AppLift raises $13M for mobile-game marketing and monetization venture_beat
  • Mar 28, 2013

    Sie sind smart, fokussiert und schon eine ganze Weile im Games-Geschäft – sie wissen was sie tun.” Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities.

    HitFox AppLift durchbricht die Millionenmarke logo12
  • Mar 03, 2013

    Simply put, if you are a games maker you want players; if you are a player you want new games. HitFox creates companies that match the two.

    Germany's Model Stresses Execution Over Innovation logo5
  • Feb 18, 2013

    Das erste halbe Jahr lief besser, als wir es hätten erahnen können.

    "Das erste halbe Jahr lief besser, als wir es hätten erahnen können" – Tim Koschella von Applift logo11

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