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HitFox Group is an entrepreneurial investment firm headquartered in Berlin. HitFox develops platforms of synergetic companies focusing on emerging digital markets: Heartbeat Labs builds healthtech companies. FinLeap specializses in financial technologies. A third platform grows advertising technology and big data businesses. Together, HitFox Group’s companies employ more than 1000 professionals on three continents. Many of these companies became profitable within three years after launch and today are market leaders in their space.

History of HitFox

  • Founding of HitFox

    In 2011 HitFox was founded by Jan Beckers and Tim Koschella, with Hendrik Krawinkel as an integral part of the team. HitFox began as a game distribution platform, built together with Team Europe, and received 7-figure funding.

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    May 2011
  • Early pivots

    Two early pivots led to HitFox focussing on games advertising. Following this, HitFox acquired ad2games in order to scale up their advertising business.

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    Early 2012
  • Becoming a company builder

    The team started 2012 with many ideas they wanted to pursue, and the concept of becoming a company builder was born. One year after founding, HitFox Group was made of up 35 employees, representing 10 nationalities and 2 different companies.

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    Spring 2012
  • Founding AppLift

    HitFox co-­founder Tim Koschella founded AppLift together with colleague Kaya Taner. As a separate company AppLift benefited in the beginning from synergies with ad2games, but focussed solely on the mobile games advertising space. In early 2015 AppLift expanded into non-­gaming verticals with the acquisition of appiris.

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    June 2012
  • International expansion

    Following great traction in the US for AppLift, HitFox co-­founder Hanno Fichtner set up the US office in San Francisco. The Seoul office is launched shortly afterwards to meet the Asian partner's need for a local presence.

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    End of 2012
  • Independent company builder

    Following a successful 2013, we saw the benefits of being fast and independent as a company builder, and proceeded to buy out the remaining investors.

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    Feb 2014
  • Jan Beckers awarded EY Germany's Entrepreneur of the Year

    Jan Beckers, HitFox CEO and co-founder, was awarded Germany’s Entrepreneur of The Year in the start­up category, and was nominated for World Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 in EY’s worldwide competition.

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    Nov 2014
  • Launching zeotap

    HitFox launched zeotap, a platform that helps mobile network operators monetize their data assets.

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    Nov 2014
  • Entering the fintech market

    In December 2014, HitFox entered the fintech market by founding fintech company builder FinLeap. In 2015 FinLeap will launch 4-6 new companies, and hire up to 150 new employees. The first company to be launched was Savedo, a retail investment marketplace.

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    Dec 2014
  • 4 years with HitFox

    500 employees of 45 nationalities, 13 companies and 6 international offices make up the HitFox Group.

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    May 2015
  • SharePop launches in Germany

    After great success in Asia and the USA, HitFox startup SharePop launches in Germany. With over 30,000 influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, SharePop is already a worldwide leading platform for Influencer Marketing.

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    Jan 2016
  • Launching the first banking platform for the digital economy

    The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has granted our tech company solarisBank a full German banking license. We built the first modular banking platform for digital companies.

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    Mar 2016
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