ad2games and HitFox launch nevaly

FinLeap enters the insurance market with Clark

FinLeap launches Valendo

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A Platform for Entrepreneurship

HitFox Group is a fast-growing platform for entrepreneurship. We build digital companies together with exceptional entrepreneurs on a global scale. We transform selected high-growth markets by building synergistic company clusters while each portfolio company remains independently focused and fast. Our announced growth markets are AdTech, Big Data and FinTech. On the basis of this considerate setup we run HitFox on the belief that great companies are always built by great people who are given the trust to start doing what they do best: to create with passion.

History of HitFox


Founding of HitFox

Jan Beckers, Dr. Hanno Fichtner and Tim Koschella found HitFox as a game distribution startup together with Team Europe. The startup receives 7-figure funding from Hasso Plattner Ventures, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Tengelmann Group, and Kite Ventures, and angels Lukasz Gadowski and Heiko Hubertz.

MAY 2011


Two early pivots leads to HitFox focus on games advertising.

FALL 2011

Acquiring ad2games

HitFox acquires ad2games (previously “Chili Entertainment”) to scale up our advertising business.

FEB 2012

Becoming a company builder

The team starts off 2012 with many ideas they want to pursue, and the idea of becoming a company builder is born.

MARCH 2012

1 year with HitFox

35 employees of 10 nationalities and 2 companies make up the HitFox Group.

MAY 2012

Founding AppLift

HitFox co-founder Tim Koschella founds AppLift with co-worker Kaya Taner. As a separate company AppLift benefits from synergies with ad2games, but can focus solely on the mobile games advertising space.

JUNE 2012

International expansion

Following great traction in the US for AppLift, HitFox co-founder Hanno Fichtner sets up the US office in San Francisco. The Seoul office is launched shortly after to meet the Asian partners need for a local presence.

END OF 2012

First share buyback

With first revenues a few of the initial investors are bought out; Hasso Plattner Ventures, Tengelmann Ventures, and Kite Ventures. This helps the budding company builder stay fast.

FEB 2013

2 years with HitFox

85 employees of 25 nationalities, 3 companies and 3 international offices make up the HitFox Group.

MAY 2013

Acquiring Datamonk

The use of data is a success factor for our advertising businesses. To strengthen our data expertise and tap into the potential of data, HitFox acquires social analytics startup Datamonk.

AUG 2013

Second share buyback

Following a successful 2013, we see the benefits of being fast and independent as a company builder and buy out remaining investors.

FEB 2014

Launching appiris

We found appiris to make use of the knowledge AppLift has built up and make it accessible for non-gaming verticals. appiris was acquired by AppLift in early 2015.

MARCH 2014

3 years with HitFox

230 employees of 37 nationalities, 8 companies and 3 international offices make up the HitFox Group.

MAY 2014

Jan Beckers awarded EY Germany's Entrepreneur of the Year

Jan Beckers, HitFox CEO and Co-Founder, is awarded Germany’s Entrepreneur of The Year in the start-up category and nominated for World Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 in EY’s world-wide competition.

NOV 2014

Launching zeotap

HitFox launches zeotap. zeotap delivers a platform that helps mobile network operators monetize their data assets.

NOV 2014

Launching FinLeap

FinLeap is a company builder focused on the FinTech industry. With new technologies and scalable business models FinLeap will provide cheaper, simpler and more transparent digital services within the FinTech market. Over the next year, FinLeap will launch 4-6 new companies, and hire up to 150 new employees. First company to come out of it is Savedo.

DEC 2014

AppLift opens in Beijing, Tokyo, New Dehli

Two years after opening the first Asian office in Seoul, AppLift expands across the APAC region with three new offices in Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, as well as Delhi, India.

MAR 2015

FinLeap reaches 100 employees

FinLeap, the company incubator launced by HitFox Group in December 2014 to focus on building FinTech startups, has by April 2015 grown to 100 employees and launched 4 startups with 4 more to come. Current portfolio holds Savedo, BillFront, Valendo and joint venture FinanceAds International

APRIL 2015

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